Cours de Poterie

Site authentique du Village de la Poterie des Trois-Ilets en Martinique

"The Village is just the place to relax and rediscover the richness of Martinique Heritage. A place where the past is still very much alive, a witness of life and values of times gone by.
The Village de la Poterie is a place which is unique in Martinique :

  • For its rich historical and cultural Heritage: the history of the men and women who lived and worked on the site. The site of the pottery belongs to the differential heritage of the island.

  • For the worthiness of its building heritage: the Village houses many buildings from the 18th century: the former school, the grocery, the post-office… and La Rue Kay”.

  • For its prominent industrial and handicraft heritage: this is where you find one of the oldest brickyard in France, still very much active, around which a handicraft village has set up, including potters’ workshops, handcrafted art, souvenirs shops and restaurants.

  • For its rich natural heritage: a clayey peninsula, surrounded by mangrove swamp, that you can explore on a kayak departing from the village.