Cours de Poterie

Venez vivre les musées, galeries, expressions culturelles et historiques du Village de La Poterie en Martinique


Performing artists

Sylvain Filon is a potter and clay enthusiast, and so, he has decided to set up this group of per- forming artists. Their success is rapidly growing as they perform in Martinique, but also in Guyane and in Paris Carnival. Their outfits are inspired from the “Neg Marons”, and are made of the red and ochre clay they smear their bodies with before striking extraordinary poses, playfully adopting various static face and body expressions.


Un espace marin pour rêver les yeux ouverts

The Musée du Monde Marin is a private project achieved by a sea world enthusiast who has gathered more than 4000 shells from all over the world, classified in about 2000 different species.